KaplanWire Notice:

RE: Change in KaplanWire Login URL

As you are aware, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) purchased EduNeering from Kaplan Inc., on April 9th, 2012. EduNeering now operates as UL EduNeering within the UL Knowledge Services business unit. UL purchased EduNeering as an integral part of the company’s expansion plan. Through its 9,000 global employees, UL provides certification, testing, inspection/auditing, verification, and advisory/training services to a wide range of industries, including life science, energy, high tech, food and chemical. As part of that acquisition, we are excited to begin introducing a host of new service offerings over the coming weeks and months.

UL will continue to rely on EduNeering’s expertise and industry dominance to grow its regulatory, compliance and safety training business. Our relationship to our clients and partners remain unchanged.

However, because of contractual requirements, EduNeering can no longer use the Kaplan name in any way, including the nomenclature for its platform and services. Therefore, we must discontinue the use of “KaplanWire” as a platform name. This will not change the use or functionality of your solution in any manner, only the name.

Beginning on June 18, you will be required to use compliancewire.com as your system login, versus kaplanwire.com. All other login credentials remain the same. If you have any additional questions regarding the KaplanWire URL login change, or other technology and service offerings please contact Client Services or your Account Director.

Thank you,

UL EduNeering Client Services
202 Carnegie Center, Suite 301
Princeton, New Jersey 08540

Client Services: 888-EDU-HELP (888-338-4357)